Ministry Leaders Renewal Retreat

Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant pressures and demands of your personal and ministry life? Do you feel worn down and tired? Do you want to take the opportunity to be still and learn the rhythms of grace in your life? Kerith Retreats provides a quiet sanctuary where you can receive from God and deepen your connection with Him and with your calling.

This seven-day ministry leaders renewal retreat offers you personalized care and group instruction to help you achieve a healthier rhythm in your personal and vocational life.

Pausing from the busyness of ministry life has helped over 1000 guests examine and overcome the distractions that have hindered their personal lives and relationships. Those who have attended this retreat have returned to their homes and churches feeling refreshed and renewed through His Spirit.

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Attendance fees:

The total cost of a retreat is $4500, but Focus on the Family Canada’s donors generously cover more than half of your attendance fees. Thus, couples only pay $1700 while singles pay just $1150 to attend.



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Program Directors

Sam & Pauline Doerksen

Over the 26 plus years of serving in the same church, Sam and Pauline have seen an increasing need for taking care of those who are in ministry (themselves included) so that they can continue on in a healthy manner.

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Brian & Sharon Heaney

Brian & Sharon Heaney have been involved in ministry since 1980. They have a passion for assisting people to develop a biblically-based lifestyle. They are very aware of how valuable and how difficult it is to implement healthy rhythms of work, rest and play in everyday life.

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Steve & Becky Witmer

Steve and Becky are warm, authentic and safe individuals who are easy to get to know. A lifetime of ministry experience has given them a compassionate concern for the emotional and spiritual health of pastors and their families. They have a genuine love for ministry leaders and are known as "Papa" and "Nana" to many.  

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Marshall & Merrie Eizenga

Merrie and Marshall have served together in ministry for over 35 years. They consider it a profound privilege to come along side other leaders and provide a safe place for them to share their stories and to walk a few miles with them in their ministry journey.

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Steve & Beth Fleming

Steve and Beth have been married for 47 years and been in ministry together for 40 years. They planted a local church in southern Ontario in 1984 and led it for 35 years before transitioning in the fall of 2019. They are passionate about building the local church and raising up the generations to fulfil their God given purpose.

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Doug & Roxy Meyers

Doug and Roxy, married in 1992, have two adult children whom they raised with a sense of adventure—a quality that now permeates their current pursuits. With over 35 years of ministry experience, Doug and Roxy have served in various capacities, including pastoral ministry at three different churches in Alberta: Lethbridge, Edmonton, and Calgary.

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