Terms of Service


Important weather note: The weather can be unpredictable and we have had some serious issues with flooding in the past. Please be aware that we may need to cancel a retreat due to severe weather conditions. We will try our best to not cancel, but if it comes to that point we will transfer your deposit to another retreat date or refund you in full.

Food allergies and dietary restrictions: It is difficult for us to accommodate everyone’s specific dietary needs. For this reason, if you have foods you are highly allergic to or are trying to avoid eating, please be prepared to bring your own food.

Terms and conditions:

If married, we require the couple to attend together. Since most stresses and conflicts show themselves within a marriage, the best way we can help couples is to give a voice to both individuals.

Children and nursing babies are not allowed at the retreat. We understand that it may be difficult to leave children for a week, but since this is a time of coming away, we don’t want anyone to have extra responsibilities while they are here.

A $500 non-refundable* deposit is made at the time of booking in order to secure your spot.

*The deposit is transferable to other retreats if scheduling becomes an issue. It is, however, non-refundable unless discussed otherwise with the registrar. If you are unable to cover the cost completely, feel free to contact the registrar to discuss scholarships and/or other payment options.